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(no subject)
 1con_awards - (x_bubbly_b_x)
12:17pm 09/09/2006
x_bianca_x posting in 1con_awards
We've only had one member enter the competition so i'm stretching the submission time.

Come on, get those icons in!!!
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Submit icons here
 1con_awards - (x_bubbly_b_x)
09:31am 02/09/2006
x_bianca_x posting in 1con_awards

Submit your icons here for the first challenge.

Up to 3 icons each max

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Icon challenge number 1!!
 1con_awards - (x_bubbly_b_x)
09:21am 02/09/2006
x_bianca_x posting in 1con_awards
Okay so now that we have a few more members, i thought it would be a good time to start our first icon challenge!

The theme for this weeks challenge is..... red!

Quite a simple one to start with but you can make an icon of anything as long as the theme is red. You can use any effects and animated icons ARE allowed.

If you're entering, please comment here so i know how many entries we will have.

You have till the 9th of September to submit your icon 

From the 9th till the 16th you will be able to vote 

Good luck and get making those icons!! ^_^

When you have made your icon, comment with it in the next post. All comments will be screened so no one can see your icons until voting day.
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Mods Post
 1con_awards - (x_bubbly_b_x)
11:32am 28/07/2006
x_bianca_x posting in 1con_awards
Welcome to 1con_awards!!!

This is a community to post icons and participate in the challenges every fortnight if you wish to. 

There are many categories for the challenges including:


These are only a few, there are many more!

As the members, you will be able to vote for what the next challenge will be!

There are many different challenges. One week the challenge could be word themed such as "blue" which means that you would have to make an icon of the specified colour scheme of whatever you want.

If you have any questions then please comment here ^_^

The moderators will let you know when the first challenge begins! 

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